What is a Birth Story you ask?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!  We hire a photographer for our wedding day because we want to capture all the little details that are so hard to remember in the whirlwind of that perfect day right?  Well a birth is even more life changing than a wedding and the details can be super fuzzy - especially if you are the mama in the moment!  I know I wish I remembered more about my first two births (I hired a birth photographer for the third!!) and the few pictures my husband, mom and sister snapped just don't do the memories justice.  A birth photographer is there to capture the day as it unfolds, the way your husband holds your hand, the way your mom brushes back your hair, the clock on the wall, the breath you take as you realize its time and of course that MOMENT when you see your perfect baby for the first time!

I've got a nice camera, you may say, my husband can take pictures!  Well...sure, he can, but will he?  And really, do you want him taking pictures?  Or do you want him sitting next to you holding your hand and whispering "You can do it"?  Let your family and friends be there for YOU and let me worry about capturing the moment!


How do I book a Birth Story?

Give me a call and we'll set up a time to meet and chat over tea.  If we click you can pay your retainer, sign your contract and I'll get you on my schedule.  I am on call night or day for you two weeks before and after your "Guess Date."

How does the Birth Story work exactly?

You call me as soon as you are in labor to give me a heads up and then again when you are about 6 centimeters (or if you are choosing not to be checked when you start feeling like you don't want to talk anymore - your midwife or doula can help you figure out when things are getting serious too!).  I'll get my stuff together and head your way.  Depending on child care and distance to your birth place it may take me up to an hour to arrive.  Once I arrive I get snapping. I'll mostly be in the background - you may not even notice me.  I'm happy to chat if you want, even hold your hand if needed, but feel free to ignore me completely - you're busy, I won't mind a bit.

I'll photograph everything, labor, birth and up to two hours after birth, getting all the details of baby as well as your labor.  Then I'll leave you to bond and I'll get to editing!  


Isn't a birth kind of...graphic?

Well...birth is raw and real and amazing!  Birth photography is about capturing the emotions and moments and I promise that while it may be raw it will be beautiful and tasteful.  And of course its up to you how much I capture - I'm happy to document as much or as little as you desire!  We will go over every detail regarding your comfort level at our in person consultation!

What if I have a C-section?

I've photographed C-sections, but its up to your Dr, the anesthesiologist and the hospital policy.  If I'm allowed in I will be there!  If not I'll be waiting as soon as you get out of the OR to capture your first moments with baby.


What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

Call me anyways!  Babies love showing up on their own time line - 3AM seems to be a favorite time in fact!  I'll have my phone at my bedside and am a light sleeper.  Call me.  Seriously.

What if my baby comes faster than you do?

Well, we try to keep that from happening - it never has yet, in fact - but if your baby happens to be the first one speedier than me your package fee will be applied towards a Fresh 24 or newborn session.  But as long as you keep me updated on your labor I should be there for the big moment!


I only take 5-6 Birth Stories a year in order to be able to devote time to my family as well as you, my clients.  Because of this if you want me to capture your birth story its best to book as soon as you know you are pregnant.  Once you pay your retainer I'll mark off the weeks around your guess date and make sure I'm ready to be on call.

The Journey of Life Package


A mini maternity session with five prints (additional prints may be purchased separately), everything included in the Basic Birth Story Package and a Heirloom box with 50 prints.

The Basic Birth Story Package


Full coverage from 6cm to birth, a Little Black Book of your birth story, and a custom USB with all digitals printable to 8x10 and under is included.

We had Crystal-Three Little Foxes do the photography for our 3rd home water birth. She was kind enough to step in when a photographer friend of mine that was supposed to be taking our pictures ended up being out of town when I went into labor. We were so thankful that she was willing to come in with such short notice! She did an amazing job of catching wonderful moments without really being noticed. It’s very important for me to really concentrate when laboring and I didn’t hardly notice her presence. She blended right into my birth team and we would totally hire her again if we were ever having any more children. Her work was very professional and she also created a wonderful video montage of our birth that is just amazing. We are very thankful for the whole experience!
— Anita Dutton