Andrew's {birth} Story

I have known Gina for quite a while but it wasn't until this summer when I took her maternity pictures that I began to really have a friendship with her.  As her pregnancy progressed I learned more about her past pregnancies and all the emotion wrapped up in this little man's arrival.  I knew that Gina's goal was a VBAC, but after a wild false start to labor, including a late night run to Phoenix, she began to settle her heart with a repeat c-section.  So it happened that a week before the scheduled date Gina asked me if I could come and document the experience.  I am not a birth photographer, in fact I work closely with a fabulous birth photographer, but she was booked for the weekend and Gina assured me that her trust in me as a friend and photographer evened out my lack of experience in this area. 

So, on a Friday morning, I and my camera joined Gina, her husband Larry, and their doula, Rachel, at Verde Valley Medical Center to record the entrance of Andrew to the world.  It was emotional.  It was beautiful.  It was a million emotions wrapped into one.  Special arrangements had been made for the surgical curtain to be dropped so Gina could see Drew's entrance into the world and as the doctor brought him up into the lights of the OR Gina started to cry and so did I.  It was an experience I will never forget and I am so blessed that Gina and Larry trusted me to capture it.  

Drew is beautiful, healthy and the moment he was placed onto his mama's chest I saw healing begin.  He is a miracle and a blessing!  Welcome earthside, baby Andrew!!

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