2,000 fans {super} giveaway!!

I'm so excited that Aniron Photography has reached over 2,000 fans on Facebook!  I have had this giveaway in the works for a while and I'm so excited to share it with you all!  I know a lot of photographers have big giveaways when they reach certain fan amounts that tend to mostly appeal to other photographers and vendors, but while I love and appreciate my fellow photographer fans and their support, I really owe everything to my local fans and clients so this giveaway is mostly geared towards my fantastic local fans!  I've chosen lots of wonderful people and businesses who make and market things that I myself love and use! 

There will be three prize packages given out - the Local Fan Package, the Expecting Mama Package and the Fellow Photographer Package!  And if it seems like the expecting mama package is a little extra full of goodness....well, what can I say, I'm currently an expecting mama myself! ;)

The Local Fan Package includes -

A gift certificate for a one hour boudoir session with Boudoir by Kandra


A bar of locally made soap and bath salts.

A set of custom bottlecap magnets from Beans Things



A gift certificate for a one hour massage with Danielle Markley at Verde Valley Myofacial Release.

A gift certificate for a one hour child session from Aniron Photography

DSC_5588 copy.jpg


The Expecting Mama Package includes -

$75 off any birth or Fresh24 package from Perfect Chance Photography  (my own birth photographer!)


4 sets of reusable nursing pads from Espresso Stiches


A bag of postpartum herbal bath mixture from Sedona Blessingway

$150 credit towards any birth service from Guiding Angels Birth Services.  (My own doula!)

A one hour maternity session from Aniron Photography

DSC_4682 copy.jpg

The Fellow Photographer Package includes -

A deluxe headband from Zoe and Brae

A newborn bonnet from Mama's Lil Sugar Crochet


A set of custom logo or camera themed bottlecap magnets from Beans Things


Two newborn beanies from Yarn of Love


So there you are!  Lots of fab prizes up for grabs!  Enter below....and may the odds be ever in your favor! =)