Annelise {Senior} Session

Annelise is my husbands little sister and she's been a part of my life since she was barely older than my son, so she's basically my little sister at this point too. ;)  In the years since we moved from Missouri it seems like she's magically become an adult, but still funny, smart and softball obsessed! 

I'd been hoping I'd get to take Annie's senior photos for years now, but we couldn't swing the trip home to Missouri this fall.  So last Sunday imagine my surprise when I got a voice mail from my father-in-law wanting to book a senior session for his daughter, Annelise.  Turns out while he WAS trying to be funny, he also had a week off and by the end of the day Sunday we'd gotten tickets booked for Annelise and my mother and father-in-law to come out to visit!  Annie and I had a great time planning and executing her senior photos over the course of two evenings and I'm so pleased with the results and proud of what a beautiful young woman Annelise has grown up to be!

                       Annelise Rachelle Billington - Kirksville Senior High Class of 2016

                       Annelise Rachelle Billington - Kirksville Senior High Class of 2016