Mommy and Mine, Columbia Missouri

As a photographer I have a lot of photos of my kids - they are pretty used to mama pointing a camera their way - in fact they recognize adorable moments on their own now and are likely to yell out "Mama, bring your camera we being cute!"  But the one thing I don't have is very many image of my kids with ME.  Its kinda obvious why, but I've decided that my kids need to have pictures of mama with them to look back on too!  So for Mother's Day I asked my husband to take some pictures of my and my Three Little Foxes!  We headed out to Stephens Lake Park in Columbia Missouri and trecked around the lake taking photos and having fun!  I was pretty thrilled with what my husband managed to capture. 

Get in the picture mama!  Your kids will thank you someday! 

And of course I had to grab a photo of my foxes and their handsome Daddy!  <3

And of course I had to grab a photo of my foxes and their handsome Daddy!  <3