Three {sweet+sassy} little girls

Ajna, Vidya and Surya were just too much fun.  Ajna is super model serious, Vidya is giggly and bold and Surya is just plain adorable!

Nursing {snow day} Minis

Lets just say snow in our part of Arizona is a rare occurrence.  Extremely rare.  And 6-8 INCHES of snow?  Insanity. 

I knew as the snow poured from the sky New Years Eve day that I had to do something special in all that amazing pure white stuff.  And what could be more pure than a mama nursing her babe?  So I threw out a quick model call and got quite the response.  So Perfect Chance Photography and I decided what the hey? lets make this extra fun!  So we teamed up to photography some sweet mamas and their adorable babies in the beautiful winter wonderland on New Years Day.  It was an epic start to our year of capturing Motherhood!

(Now for the concerned observer I will let you know this IS Arizona - so while there may indeed have been 6 inches of snow on the ground it was a about 54 degrees while we were shooting - I wasn't even wearing a coat!  All babies were snug and warm at mama's breast!)

Kayla {4 years} and Braelyn {9 months)

I was so excited to see my sweet little nieces Kayla and Braelyn when we visited Missouri earlier this month.  The last time we saw one another we took pictures to announce that Becca was expecting Braelyn well over a year ago.  Miss Braelyn is just about to turn 9 months old and as cute as can be.  She and my own Quinn are exactly 3 months apart to the day so we had lots of fun with our sweet babies (who we discovered nurse on exactly the same schedule!)

My two older kiddos, Ian and Zoe had a ton of fun playing with Kayla and were oh so sad to leave when it was time to come home.  We captured lots of candid images over the week but we made special time for some studio shots as well.

Brandon {Senior} Session

I don't venture outside of mamas and babies very often any more but when I do it's always for a good reason!  Brandon is my handsome nephew and I cannot believe how much he has grown over the years!  On our vacation back home to Missouri I managed to squeeze in some senior pics for Brandon on the very last day of our time there (It RAINED and RAINED the whole trip until that last day!)  We wandered around Truman State University campus (my alma mater!) and had a great time laughing and being crazy between pictures (and there are some goofy pics too, but I promised not to share those! ;) )

Proud of you Brandon!

Rachel {maternity} session

Rachel went into labor a little earlier than she had expected so I met her on a Sunday afternoon to take a few pictures to commemorate her pregnancy.  Between contractions Rachel rocked out some lovely pictures and less than 24 hours later her sweet little man was in her arms!

Kandra {nursing} session

When I first moved back to Arizona one of the very first sessions I did was Kandra's little boy Davey.  It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship - over the past 2 years I've done Kandra's maternity, newborn photos of sweet Braelynn, family photos, mommy and me, and Brae's first birthday cake smash.

When Kandra called and told me that Brae was weaning and that she wanted to me capture her very last nursing session I said "absolutely!"  So we met at Red Rock Crossing on a beautiful evening to capture some sweet pics of this bittersweet moment for Kandra and Brae.

I love every single image.

Welcome to the next step in your life sweet Brae!

Welcome to the next step in your life sweet Brae!

Orion {{home}birth}story

Chance and I have been friends for some time, and we both discovered we were pregnant last fall - 10 weeks apart.  Being photographers we have pretty much spent all year taking turns documenting each others journeys.  Maternity, henna, blessingways, my birth and our attempt at my daughters newborn pics. 

And, at last, the birth of Orion!

Two days before Orion made his appearance we ran out to the desert for a few last minute belly pics and some sweet pictures with Chance's two oldest children.

DSC_4209 copy.jpg

The next evening the contractions began and continued for a long drawn out night and day.  I stopped in to check on everyone late afternoon, bringing a birth ball and blueberry Chai.

DSC_4410b copy.jpg

Afternoon turned to evening, evening to night and night to early morning as things intensified and the midwives arrived.  At long last, after an intense labor, Orion Lynn entered the world at 7AM to be welcomed by his daddy Ian, big sister Jayda and Spiderman (aka, big brother Aesop!).  His first moments of life were so sweet - surrounded by love at home!

DSC_4466 copy.jpg
DSC_4600 copyb.jpg
DSC_4631 copy.jpg
DSC_4639 copy.jpg
DSC_4730 copy.jpg

Welcome Earthside sweet Orion Lynn!  You are so loved!