Robbie {newborn} Session

Robbie's mama, Sky, and I have been friends for a while now and this year she took the plunge into photography and I've been privileged to help guide her through the murky waters of starting a photography business.  She is the eye behind the camera at Sky Marquise Photography in Fort Hood, TX.  When she found out I'd be back in Arizona for Christmas - just a few days after the due date of her third baby boy we arranged for me to do sweet little Robbie's newborn session.  It was quite the experience - we made due with what I could bring in a tote and in lieu of a studio we borrowed a room in a church, but in the end we captured some adorable images of little Robbie!


Kara {Maternity} Session

I met the beautiful Kara in this stunning location for some maternity photos.  We had a great time and captured some lovely portraits!


Tianna and Fiona {mama and me} Session

Tianna contacted me about wanting to schedule a session to commemorate her nursing relationship with sweet little Fiona.  They conquered many obstacles to reach the place they are in now and I was thrilled to help document it.  Fiona ended up not being very interested in nursing at out session but we still captured some sweet mama and me moments!

Heidi {Senior} Session

I don't do a lot of Senior sessions but every time I do one I wish I did more!  Heidi was so much fun to work with - we hiked all over Jerome, Arizona and even down to the Verde River at the end and got so many beautiful images!

DSC_8249b copy.jpg

Valencia Family

Just before I left Arizona I met this beautiful family out on the red rocks for a sweet family/maternity session.  Jen was my AMAZING doula with Quinn's birth and I was thrilled to capture her family and her pregnancy.  She hadn't told many people she was expecting yet, so we both enjoyed the excitement and surprise her sneak peak generated!  


Wishing you the most amazing birth Jen!

{Birth} Story of Zevon

What can I say about this incredible birth story?  Erin labored like a warrior!  Some 80 plus hours in labor and things not going to plan, but Erin and Paul still stayed focused and true to the spirit of letting things happen as naturally as possible.  From the quiet moments at home in the water to the rock-star support during pushing Paul was an awesome partner to Erin, and their midwife stayed with them every step of the way as well, even during the hospital transfer.  And watching River become a big sister was pretty amazing too.  Her write-up of the experience was priceless!  

Honestly it was a love story - and I was honored to be present.

Welcome earthside at long last Zevon!

DSC_0052 copy.jpg

Erin {Maternity} Session

The amazing Erin and I headed down to the Verde for this stunning maternity session a few weeks before I left Arizona.  We had a great time and captured a ton of images, including some with Erin's daughter River.  I love all of these!


Three {sweet+sassy} little girls

Ajna, Vidya and Surya were just too much fun.  Ajna is super model serious, Vidya is giggly and bold and Surya is just plain adorable!

Nursing {snow day} Minis

Lets just say snow in our part of Arizona is a rare occurrence.  Extremely rare.  And 6-8 INCHES of snow?  Insanity. 

I knew as the snow poured from the sky New Years Eve day that I had to do something special in all that amazing pure white stuff.  And what could be more pure than a mama nursing her babe?  So I threw out a quick model call and got quite the response.  So Perfect Chance Photography and I decided what the hey? lets make this extra fun!  So we teamed up to photography some sweet mamas and their adorable babies in the beautiful winter wonderland on New Years Day.  It was an epic start to our year of capturing Motherhood!

(Now for the concerned observer I will let you know this IS Arizona - so while there may indeed have been 6 inches of snow on the ground it was a about 54 degrees while we were shooting - I wasn't even wearing a coat!  All babies were snug and warm at mama's breast!)